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hatsan 135 30

Results 1 to 9 of 9. Thread: Hatsan Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Hatsan They are very strong but the guns are harsh and barrel quality varies.

This beast is smoothe,the trigger pretty good and shoots well right off. While not a lazer like my tuned tx or Feinwerkbau I'm getting groups at about inch from kneeling at 25 yards.

With 30 FPE from a 45g pellet at about fps it is a darn fine hunting stick. My Hatsan is a QE Vortex in. Yes it is a beast, big, heavy, but it can shoot. The Hatsan Carnivore is a serious break bbl. I've been going back and forth in my mind between the 25 and 30 cal.

The 30 cal. I like my Hatsan Edge Vortex A gun is like a parachute: If you need one and don't have one, you won't be needing one again.

hatsan 135 30

I've had a few hatsan break barrels and swore I'd never own another. Shot some little picket pins sage rats today. Shooting,Running,Bikes you name it.

This thread is a few months old but I figured I would post my opinion on my new Hatsan 30 cal Big and heavy for sure but I knew this upfront from the feedback I've read.

Built like a tank with nice walnut stock. One of the nicest stocks I've ever seen on an air rifle in this price range. I was considering a 25 cal since pellets are cheaper and has a higher muzzle velocity but I decided to go with the 30 because I really don't have a need for a 30 but I wanted one anyway. It's still not easy and after about 40 shots I start getting tired. I knew this gun wasn't made for plinking but that's all I do with it anyway.

Not into killing critters. My backyard range is limited to 40 yards and I have no problem hitting anything that I see.

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This gun tears large holes in steel cans and they don't last long. My 22 cals at fps make a tink noise when hitting metal targets but the 30 is more like a loud thwack noise and the target moves like it was hit like a brick.Here at Walmart.

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Choose options. Product Title Hatsan TactAir 6.The Best Hatsan Air Rifles. Top Hatsan air rifle reviews for the Air Rifle enthusiasts yearning for something different and top-performing.

All air rifles are not created the same. Hatsan air rifles are one of the top-performing air rifles in the industry. These air rifles have a rich background history, and with the latest technology, a good survival air rifle is the best choice in your survival gears.

A Hatsan air rifle is one of the most attractive and best functioning rifles you can buy at the most affordable price. They are long-lasting and very simple to use both for beginners and experienced.

Hatsan Carnivore 135 QE .30 - FULL REVIEW

They are perfect in small game hunting like squirrels, birds, rabbits and another small animal. This is one of the best Best Hatsan Air Rifles on the market. Its a top choice for most Hatsan Air Rifle users.

This Air Rifle has an automatic and anti beartrap mechanism for safe operation making this one of the best Air Rifles on the market. The rifle also features soft inlays into the advanced polymer synthetic stock.

Vibrations are reduced by the SAS shock absorber and Triopad rubber recoil shoulder pad. This is an air rifle Precharged pneumatic Repeater rd mag in. This Air rifle features the Sidelever bolt-action Anti-double-feed mechanism which is very powerful and very effective in preventing more than one pellet from loading when fully cocked. The rifle is fully cocked when the reservoir is filled with bar 2, psi. This Hatsan Air rifle features a removable air reservoir which has an inbuilt air pressure gauge manometer.

You also get an Anti-knock system that serves the purpose of preventing gas waste in cases where the rifle is knocked or bounced. Vibration and noise are reduced by a fully shrouded barrel Integral silencer. This Rifle as one of the best Hatsan Air Rifles on the market this rifle features an Anti-double-feed mechanism which prevents more than one pellet from loading when the gun has been fully cocked.Overall rating: 5. Value for money: 5. By Thomas from USA on Things I liked : I bought the Hatsan in.

Not so with the. Can get clean kills out to 50 yards with much more predictable ballistics. Here's another reason to get the.

_Refurbished – MOD 135 Vortex QE Carnivore .30Cal

Speed kills and does wicked things in regard to bullet deformation. Having said that, I also tried the 17 grain. It didn't expand much but penetration was far superior, plus you get more distance. Overall this is an impressive gun.

I don't plan to scope it. I really love this gun. Things I would have changed : Not much. The gun is a hefty beast but at least you can sling it. Carrying it on a hunt without a sling would be a buzz kill.


What others should know : Wish I could show you pictures of the bullet expansion I got with the hollow points. When you shoot different types of ammo expect the point of aim to change. The point is before going on a hunt, in deference to the animals you shoot, know where the particular pellets will group. There's no doubt in my mind a GTO bullet fired from this gun would take down a hog hit behind the ear or small deer inside of 30 yards.

For a break barrel that's pretty exciting. Overall rating: 1. Value for money: 1. Things I would have changed : Garbage gas piston. What others should know : I put - rounds through this gun in.

Pulled it out this spring and the piston is dead. I expected a few more rounds before I started having to replace key components.

No more Hatsan guns for me. Things I liked : Beautiful gun. Nice beefy stock and nice adjustable cheekpiece. Nice heavy weight for target shooting but not for hunting.

Stock scratches way too easily. A plastic clip on my sling scratched the side of the stock. What others should know : Gun would not shoot accurate even after hundreds of various types of pellets, especially when varying distance. Went to give the gun another chance and after taking the scope off, shot with open sights and could not believe how far I had to move the rear sight to the left to get it on point.Eligible for.

With up to FPS of power. An adjustable walnut stock with fine checkering adds to the fit and feel of this air rifle. Comes with sling slots sling not included and fiber optic sights in addition to a rail for 11mm and 22mm scope mounts.

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Notify Me. Add to Wish List. Features Single shot break barrel action. Available in. High quality and genuine Turkish walnut stock-hunting style, ergonomic and stylish design and montecarlo cheekpiece.

Elevation adjustable comb. Checkering on grip and forearm for better control and feel. Gold plated trigger blade. Precision rifled steel barrel. Manual safety and automatic cocking safety. Anti bear-trap safety. Micro adjustable rear sight for both windage and elevation with Truglo fiber optics.

Hatsan Air Rifles

Open metal front sight with Truglo fiber optics. Was the information on this page helpful? Yes No.All work on airguns and airgun accessories should be carried out by a proficient licensed professional. We do not sell airguns, airgun parts, or airgun equipment. By viewing this video, you are acknowledging the contents of this disclaimer. Hatsan Carnivore QE. Search all videos Go. Latest from AEAC. Air Venturi Avenger.

hatsan 135 30

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Kalibrgun Cricket Mini Carbine. FX Impact X. Air Arms TX mk3. Benjamin Fortitude. The Benjamin Fortitude.

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Weihrauch HW95 Luxus. Weihrauch HW 95 Luxus. Weihrauch HW30s Deluxe.There has been some discussion about this air rifle and many reviews on the website but after having owned one for almost a year and shot over a thousand pellets through it I thought I could give a longer term perspective.

You already know all the pros and cons. Softer targets like piles of old books, cardboard boxes full of scrap papers are more conducive to quiet shooting than harder ones such as household items or improvised backstops made of plastic or wood.

Comments have been made about every hour of shooting this rifle equating to an hour in the gym and I would handily agree. At nearly 10lbs of weight with about 50lb of cocking force you can make yourself quite sore quickly, working up a sweat. On a more positive note the cocking smooths out over time and feels less than the stated resistance after your first tin of pellets or so. Eventually the rifle seems to make noises and encounter resistance when cocking, which was disconcerting since I read people returning their rifle.

I tried drenching all the joints at various states of cocking for a day or two. Once the gas ram cocks you can open the rifle and just leave it partially cocked and cycle these parts back and fort allowing you to get in as much as possible to saturate them with oil. When this was completed I found the rifle to stop making noise and it cocked as nicely as ever. The other mechanics of the gun are also decent for the money, especially the trigger. One problem the break barrel and gas ram design creates it the need for a higher weight trigger because of the forces involved.

As far as safety the gun never worried me about unintended discharges, is easy to carry safely through the woods and the safety engages automatically with every cocking.

Since the rest of the gun feels so well polished this is a slight sore but I thought I would mention it hoping maybe the manufacturer can improve it on future models as it seems such an easy thing to remedy.

On the other hand it has held up far better than my Benjamin break barrels whose finish or stock will get another ding or scratch every time you look at the gun. So while not in the league of the real premium airguns, at least it looks like a premium one if it does not quite hold up like one. The weight of the gun is well balanced and while it gets tiring to lug around and aim, the dynamics can be improved by adjusting the scope eye relief, raising the cheek piece and fitting the stock to your shoulder.

While whipping around the gun and cocking or loading it makes its heft felt even more so with a scope, at least during the firing cycle you feel the gun to be nearly weightless as you press it against your face and shoulder.

For a gun of this power the recoil is not that bad either. By adjusting the parameters for a better fit the felt recoil is lessened. On the other hand other magnums in this price range such as the Benjamin NP XL series are far more harsh and unpleasant. I did purchase a nice scope that was airgun rated and well over a thousand pellets have not had a problem.

Shooting the gun is hold sensitive but not nearly as much as other magnum springers I have tried including the similarly priced NP XL. Accuracy out of the box allowed me to consistently hit soda cans at yards with the first few shots and with time I can now hit individual duplo blocks or shotgun shell husks at that range or somewhat farther. While the 44 or 50 grain pellets have similar ballistics and similar points of impact at all but the closest or farthest ranges under 15 or beyond 50the 44 grain allow a little less rainbow trajectory and would be my choice for hunting especially in an environment where the range to target is unknown.

For this reason, while the open sights work well when sighted in at 25 yards requiring estimating a point of impact about 6 inches higher at 50 yards, a scope and a program such as chairgunpro are essential to score hits on smaller targets with certainty. If you need more power or ability than this then you need a strong PCP like the Sumatra or a rimfire.

Once you know how to estimate range and compensate the trajectory making lethal hits on small game sized targets is feasible up to yards and beyond. Assuming the hunter is ethical in their practices and selects game of appropriate size so capable is the Hatsan 30 caliber that the biggest limitation will be the shooter not the gun.

Despite all the discussions about the backyard or indoor friendly nature of air rifles this beast would benefit greatly from a trip to a controlled indoor range where you can calculate the points of impact yourself knowing the exact distances without worrying about wind drift and see the trajectory in action yourself.

If the shooter does their part practicing shooting, getting familiar with the capability and trajectory of the pellet, you will have as much small game on your hands as you can shoot. The bigger pellet makes a huge hole and forcibly flips those critters over as if they got smacked with a real 22LR, almost like some hand of God bringing meat to your table and pests away from your garden maybe both!

Rabbits, Raccoons all fall with one shot very easily but the gun is accurate enough to take out smaller invasive birds as well as field mice.

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The whole reason this gun was created, other than because they could, is to extend the range and size of the game that someone can harvest without the desire or ability to pay for PCP. In terms of staying economical for this purpose, other than the higher cost of pellets the acquisition costs qualify favorably. The other fun thing you can do with this air rifle is to have a blast destroying things that you would otherwise throw away.

Have your children gone through that phase?

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